Visual Studio Publish to File System NuGet Feed

Posted by Blake on 5/23/2017

These are the values needed to setup an external tool in Visual Studio that will publish the NuGet output of a library project to a NuGet feed that lives on your file system somewhere (I use a DropBox folder to house my local copy instead of a server solution, it's simple and it works well for me.).

This is more for posterity so I can reference it when I need to set this back up.

  • Tools -> External Tools -> Add (Publish NuGet to Dropbox)
  • Title = Publish NuGet to Dropbox
  • Command = cmd.exe
  • Arguments = /c copy $(ProjectDir)bin\Debug\*.nupkg C:\(Path to your file system directory)
  • Initial Directory = $(BinDir)
  • Check "Use Output Window"