.NET Maui - ScrollToAsync not scrolling

I've started looking at .NET Maui recently and ran into an issue almost immediately when putting together a test app. I wanted to add items into a ScrollView and then scroll to the bottom when that occurs.

What I found was, if I called ScrollToAsync once it didn't work. If I called ScrollToAsync twice it wouldn't scroll but then when I manually scrolled with the mouse it would THEN scroll to the end.

Here is a ScrollView extension method that will allow you to scroll a specified View/Control into view.

/// <summary>
/// Scrolls to the specified <see cref="View"/>.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="scrollView"></param>
/// <param name="ctrl"></param>
/// <param name="animate"></param>
public static void ScrollTo(this ScrollView scrollView, View ctrl, bool animate = false)
		var timer = new Timer((object obj) => {
				MainThread.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() => scrollView.ScrollToAsync(ctrl, ScrollToPosition.End, true));
		}, null, 1, Timeout.Infinite);

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