How to get the current route in a view with ASP.NET 5 / MVC 6

Accessing the Current Route

I was wanting to access the current route from a shared layout page and then pass that route onto a controller using ASP.NET 5/MVC 6 (which would effectively be the referring route). Being still in the release candidate status at this point there wasn't a lot of good information I could find about how to access this. Here is the key piece to access the current route from the view:

Razor Syntax


Link with TagHelper Example

<a asp-controller="User" asp-action="SetDefaultFavorite" asp-route-value="@Url.RouteUrl(ViewContext.RouteData.Values)">
    <i class="ace-icon fa fa-star">>/i>

The code to access this "value" (e.g. asp-route-value) from the action result would look like this:


public IActionResult SetDefaultFavorite(string value)
    // Do something here

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