NAudio: How to get the volume level of what is playing through the current default device

I was wanting to obtain the current volume level of what was playing in order to code some events that I wanted to occur when something played through the soundcard. My old solution didn't work on newer computers that didn't have What you hear as a device option so I turned to NAudio where is was very easy. This is basic but here it is:


Dim devEnum As New NAudio.CoreAudioApi.MMDeviceEnumerator
Dim defaultDevice As NAudio.CoreAudioApi.MMDevice = devEnum.GetDefaultAudioEndpoint(NAudio.CoreAudioApi.DataFlow.Render, NAudio.CoreAudioApi.Role.Multimedia)
Dim leftVolume As Integer = defaultDevice.AudioMeterInformation.PeakValues(0) * 100
Dim rightVolume As Integer = defaultDevice.AudioMeterInformation.PeakValues(1) * 100


NAudio.CoreAudioApi.MMDeviceEnumerator devEnum = new NAudio.CoreAudioApi.MMDeviceEnumerator();
NAudio.CoreAudioApi.MMDevice defaultDevice = devEnum.GetDefaultAudioEndpoint(NAudio.CoreAudioApi.DataFlow.Render, NAudio.CoreAudioApi.Role.Multimedia);
int leftVolume = defaultDevice.AudioMeterInformation.PeakValues(0) * 100;
int rightVolume = defaultDevice.AudioMeterInformation.PeakValues(1) * 100;

(Note, the C# may need to cast to int on the last two lines).

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