Crystal Reports – Last Page is Blank

It’s common in Crystal to force a new page after a record. Often times though, you will end up with a blank last page of the report because one of the sections is forcing a new page after. To get around this and suppress the last page you will want to put a conditional statement on the New Page After.

The first thing you need to do is identify which section has the New Page After set. Open up the Section Expert for your report. You should see sections for Report Header, Page Header, Group Header, Details, etc. When you click on a section, you can then click on the Paging tab on the right hand of that dialog box. This is where the New Page Before and New Page After options are set.

If you don’t want to have a New Page After in one of the group footers you can click on the x+2 button that will apply a condition. We will put a statement in that will suppress the New Page After if it’s the last record so you don’t end up with a blank page.

Crystal Syntax:

Not OnLastRecord

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