IE10: Internet Explorer could not install this Accelerator

Today I tried to install an Accelerator that I had developed using IE8 and IE9 and came upon this error:

Internet Explorer could not install this Accelerator.
There was a problem with the Accelerator's information.

What I observed was when I ran the site locally, the Accelerator could be installed, but when it was on the deployed site it didn’t work. This let me know that it probably wasn’t an issue with the XML and IE10 could use Accelerator’s but rather was probably a security issue (which is was). I had read that cross-domain references in the Accelerator could cause issues but I didn’t see any of those. I added the site in question to my trusted sites (I developed it so I trust it, and it had a secure certificate attached to it) and sure enough, the installation of the Accelerator worked like a charm again.

I haven’t pin pointed the exact setting that caused the behavior, if anyone finds it feel free to send me a contact message and I’ll update this blog post. Since I just wanted it installed to use it, I stopped with the above fix. :)

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