Visual Studio 2010: Intellisense not working with Enums

In previous versions of Visual Studio, when an Enum was a parameter being passed into a function or property the Intelligence recognized this and showed you the values by default of the Enum values (since that's what you have to pass in). In VS2010, it doesn't do this. You have to manually type out the entire namespace to get to the Enum value (in the below screenshot, after I type ‘J' it should have narrowed the list down to the JPEG value of the Enum like in VS2008 and previous). Even when you choose just the “Common” tab it doesn't show the values (well, about 3 out of 4 times it doesn't, but it will every once in a while and I haven't figured out how to recreate it). This is a bug that I haven't found a workaround for. I've read on Microsoft Connect though that it has been fixed and maybe included in SP1. I'm crossing my fingers it is because this one affects me multiple times an hour all throughout the day.

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