MDX & the .Net Framework with Visual Studio 2003 via Sharepoint

Yesterday I posted an example with some links about how to connect to SQL Server Analysis Services in Visual Studio 2005 with VB.NET. Today, I went to put that code into action in a Webpart for Sharepoint. Our Sharepoint Server is currently running under the .NET Framework 1.1. We won't be changing that to 2.0 until Sharepoint 2007 is available.

So, I fired up my old copy of Visual Studio 2003 and started to put my webpart together with VB.NET. I quickly realized that my Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient was missing. Yesterday, I posted a link to the components you would need and on that link was the Anaylsis Services 9 which works with VS 2005 Framework 2. When my 2003 install didn't work I had to go out and find this, Analysis Services 8 which then appears in VS2003 to add as a reference... here's the link:

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