Setup has deteremined that one or more Visual Studio.NET applications are running

Posted by Blake on 2/26/2013

I’ve run into this one a few times recently. Basically, Visual Studio gets stuck in the background even though the IDE is no longer visible. To remedy this, you’ll want to open up your task manager and kill any hanging “devenv.exe” instances that you find.

  1. Start the task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Escape)
  2. Click the “Processes” tab if it isn’t already active (in Windows 7 it will be the 2nd tab, probably not active by default, in Windows 8, it is the first tab and active by default).
  3. Local “devenv.exe”, right click and choose “End Process”.
  4. Repeat for multiple devenv’s that might be running (I had 2 hanging in my case).