Printer shows as “Offline” in Windows 8 (Workaround)

Posted by Blake on 1/29/2013

One of the annoyances I’ve had since moving to Windows 8 is that after a set period of time my printer will show as “Offline”. Every print job that I send after just sits in the ether forever. I’ve read where some people would uninstall and re-install the printer to fix this, but that seemed way to cumbersome.

As a temporary workaround, I found that if I opened the print queue dialog and choose “Properties” from the “Printer” menu that it would connect to the printer and bring it back online for me. I should also note, that the printer itself wasn’t offline, other people were connected to and using it all day. This was an issue with it just displaying offline for me (and only on my Windows 8 box).

Obviously, this isn’t a perfect fix, but it’s a quick workaround.