Excel, Word: The file is corrupt and cannot be opened (maybe)

Posted by Blake on 2/24/2012

Ah, the file is corrupted. Or is it? maybe, maybe not. Here are a few solutions that you can use to help remedy this issue. These could occur in just about any program in the Office suite. It should be noted that this error can occur for numerous reasons and not all of them mean that the file is even corrupted (misleading error messages).

Solution 1:

Office 2010 Only

  1. Click on “File”.
  2. Click “Options”.
  3. Click on “Trust Center”.
  4. Click “Trust center settings”.
  5. Click “Protected view”.
  6. Uncheck all the options under “Protected View”.
  7. Select “OK”.
  8. Restart Excel.

Solution 2:

You can have the Office product try to repair the file if it is indeed corrupt.

  1. Select the “Open” option from the “File” menu (Office 2003, XP, 2000), the “Office Button” (Office 2007) or the “File” tab (Office 2010).
  2. When the Open dialog appears, the right hand side of the “Open” button should have a down arrow, click the down arrow and choose “Open and Repair…”

Solution 3:

  1. Click “Start”
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Click “Programs,
  4. Click “Uninstall a program” under “Programs and Features”.
  5. Select “Microsoft Office”.
  6. Click “Change”, and then wait while the change and repair is carried out.
  7. Exit after the process is completed.