Windows 8 – Network drives won’t stay mapped (Solution included)

Posted by Blake on 1/10/2012

I’m currently using Windows 8 Enterprise edition at work and one of the first problems I ran into was that none of my drives would stay mapped. Even when I selected “Reconnect at sign-in” most of my drives would disappear after a variable amount of time. I could always remap the drives, but they wouldn’t stay mapped which was incredibly frustrating.

I’ve learned that this can happen if you are running with administrator privileges on your machine and that machine is connected to a domain. I’m not sure of the details on why but I do have the fix that worked for:

  1. Open Windows Explorer (File Explorer)
  2. Click the “View” menu Ribbon.
  3. Click the “Options” button on the “View” Ribbon you just selected.
  4. Click the “View” tab in the “Folder Options” menu that you just opened.
  5. In the “Advanced settings” box in the middle of this window scroll down and check “Launch folder windows in a seperate process”.
  6. Close all of the explorer Windows (and even reboot to be safe), then re-map all of the drives that you want. They should stay connected now as long as this setting is checked.